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In 2010, the National Center for Electronics Recycling in collaboration with the Northeast Recycling Council formed the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC), a membership organization for states with e-cycling laws, as well as manufacturers, recyclers, retailers, non-government organizations, and other interested stakeholders. As a result of many discussions over several years, a need was identified to streamline the registration process for electronics manufacturers across the various states implementing electronics recycling legislation. The ERCC has developed one central on-line location for manufacturers to register their brands under participating state e-cycling laws – the eCycleRegistration website. In addition to providing manufacturers with a one-stop location for registration, the eCycleRegistration site also enables state agency representatives in charge of implementing electronics recycling laws to log-in and customize the information required from the manufacturers. States must authorize eCycleRegistration as a method that manufacturers can use to fulfill registration requirements, and therefore not all states are currently active in the system. ERCC will continue to work with state agencies to increase the number that allow the use of eCycleRegistration to be one of the ways that manufacturers may register in their state. CLICK HERE for a list of states currently accepting registrations through eCycleRegistration.

If you are a state representative interested in utilizing the eCycleRegistration system, please contact us through one of the methods below. If you are a manufacturer interested in utilizing the system, please go to our log-in screen HERE to get started. Use of the eCycleRegistration site is free for manufacturers (or their designees).  ERCC members provide input on this the functionality and usage of eCycleRegistration.  For information about how to become a member CLICK HERE.

Contact Us:

Jason Linnell – 304-699-1008 or jlinnell@electronicsrecycling.org

NERC Director - 802-254-3636 or executive.director@nerc.org